The General Election Commission Limits the Installation of Campaign Props for Candidate Pairs

The installation of official campaign props from the Jembrana General Election Commission began on Sunday (04/10). Starting with the installation in front of Krisna Jvara Sports Hall, Dauhwaru took the form of billboards for each pair of candidates. The Jembrana General Election Commission facilitates campaign props in the form of billboards and banners with a specified number and a design that has been agreed with the team of candidate pairs.

After this installation, outside the campaign props according to the design and zone provided are asked to be taken down. The number of campaign props is also limited. “We are monitoring all the way to the villages. So that the installation is in accordance with both the agreed number and the zone of installation,” said the head of the Jembrana General Election Supervisory Agency, Pande Made Adi Muliawan when met at Jembrana General Election Supervisory Agency office.

Photo 1: Banner campaign props that has been agreed facilitated by General Election Commission – Photo source: Balipost

He hopes that each pair of candidates will follow the rules and mutual agreement. Billboards or banners that do not match what was agreed should be taken down. “If later there are still violators, we will recommend them to be taken down,” said Pande.

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Meanwhile, campaign props installation was carried out after the Jembrana General Election Commission had previously submitted campaign props to each pair of candidates. “So today they agreed to install campaign props in the form of billboards together, while the campaign props installed is the campaign props facilitated by the General Election Commission, and we have determined the point or zone for installation,” said Made Widiastra, a member of the Jembrana General Election Commission in the campaign sector.

In the Jembrana regional head election in 2020, the Jembrana district General Election Commission facilitated campaign props to each pair of candidates. From the agreement facilitated by the General Election Commission in the form of billboards measuring 3×5 meters in portrait form, five pieces for each pair of candidates and 2 banners measuring 3×1 meter landscape per village / sub-district per pair of candidates.

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Each pair of candidates is also allowed to add a maximum of 200% campaign props of that provided by the General Election Commission. “We have provided the installation zone and installed it there, explained Widiastra. Against billboards or banners other than the official campaign props, the General Election Commission also hopes that it will be cleaned immediately.” We also appeal to the campaign team for candidate pairs to clean up the identification tools for candidate pairs that are still installed, only official campaign props can be installed in the campaign props zone,” he concluded.

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