The Jerinx Trial was Tinged Again with A Demo

The trial for the alleged case of hate speech and defamation with the defendant I Gede Ari Astina alias Jerinx was held again on Tuesday (06/10).

The Jerinx Trial
Photo 1: Protesters asking for Jerinx release – Photo source: Bali iNews

The trial was again tinged with demonstrations by Jerinx supporters. When the head of the panel of judges Ida Ayu Adnya Dewi read out the interlocutory verdict on the defendant’s exception, in front of the prosecutor’s office and in front of the Denpasar District Court on Jalan Sudirman, Denpasar, suddenly a group of people dressed in black and unfurled a banner reading “Bebaskan Jerinx” or as in English it would be translated as “Free Jerinx”  as a form of protest against the detention of their idol.

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Hundreds of police, assisted by the Indonesian National Army, the Civil Service Police Unit and from the Transportation Agency were dispatched to block the demonstration. Finally, the authorities dismissed those who wanted to give speeches and asked for Jerinx’s release.

Photo 2: Online trial for Jerinx SID – Photo source: Bali iNews

While the police and other officers were following the group, also assisted by a water cannon at the intersection of four red lights, suddenly a group of people appeared in front of the Denpasar District Prosecutor’s Office and shouted free Jerinx. Led by Police Commissioner Putra assisted by the Indonesian National Army, they were also forcibly dispersed until the Jerinx support group disbanded.

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