The Karangasem Industry and Trade Office is Optimistic to Reach the Regional Original Revenue Target

The Karangasem industry and trade office is optimistic that they will be able to achieve the target of local revenue of 2.1 billion rupiahs in 2020. Head of the Karangasem Industry and Trade Office, I Wayan Sutrisna, revealed this, Sunday (04/10).

Sutrisna said that up to now, the regional original income has reached more than 85 percent. In the remaining time available, he admits that he is quite optimistic that he will be able to achieve the original regional revenue target of 2.1 billion rupiahs that is charged.

Photo 1: Activities at Amlapura Timur Market – Photo source: Balipost

“With three months remaining starting from October, November and December we are sure we can achieve this target. Because, for three months the market is still operating,” he said.

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Sutrisna added that his party also hopes that there will be no Covid-19 cases through the market cluster. The reason is, if that happens the market is likely to be closed temporarily. And it greatly affects the income in achieving the target of local revenue.

Photo 2: Culik market – Photo source: TripAdvisor

“To prevent that, we ask officers to socialize and educate traders and buyers to comply with health protocols. Officers continue to supervise traders when selling in the market,” he explained.

He explained that the coffers of income were obtained from 14 markets spread across a number of sub-districts in Karangasem, including Amlapura Timur Market, Subagan, Amlapura Barat, Pasangkan, Bebandem, Rendang, Rubaya, Tukad Ling, Menanga, and Culik Market at Abang District.

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