Thieves Enter Four Temples in Abiansemal

Another case of theft occurred in Badung, Tuesday, December 8 yesterday. The two temples that the thieves entered were Penataran Temple and Pasek Gelgel Temple, Blakiuh Traditional Village, Abiansemal District. The total losses suffered by the two temples as a result of the thieves were estimated at tens of millions of rupiah.

At Penataran Temple, thieves take the form of statues and soca, four gold-coated prerai and one golden ring. Meanwhile, at Pura Kawitan Pasek Gelgel, no items or pratima were found, only the Gedong pelinggih door was damaged and its contents ruffled.

Two temples in Abiansemal got broken into by thieves
Two temples in Abiansemal got broken into by thieves

Head of Sub Division of Public Relations of the Resort Police, Iptu, Ketut Gede Oka Bawa, when confirmed, confirmed the case report. From the testimony of witness I Putu Jagra (57 years), at 05.30 AM local time he wanted to look for frangipani flowers in the temple area. Just then he saw the door to Pratima’s store was falling apart.

After checking, Jagra saw that some of Pratima’s items were gone. The incident was immediately informed to the Blahkiuh customary village and reported to the Abiansemal Police.

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After receiving this information, Bendesa Adat Blahkiuh I Gusti Agung Ketut Sudaratmaja (63) immediately went to the scene. That’s when he saw that Pratima’s store had been dismantled. “The Badung Polres identification team and the Abiansemal Sector Police UKL picket came to the scene of the case,” he said.

Police went to check on the scene in Abiansemal
Police went to check on the scene in Abiansemal

Regarding the thief’s act, for the incident at Penataran Temple the loss was estimated at 19 million rupiahs. Meanwhile, at Kawitan Pasek Gelgel Temple, the loss was estimated at 15 million rupiahs. “This case was handled by the Abiansemal sector police,” said Iptu Oka.

In addition, while the police were busy securing the polling stations which were held today, thieves took the opportunity to break into Pura Dalem Mas and Pura Dalem Mayun, Banjar Sigaran, Abiansemal, Badung, Wednesday, December 9.

Abiansemal Sector Police Chief Kompol I Made Suparta said this case was discovered at 10.30AM local time. According to Jro Mangku Maksan Dalem Mayun, I Made Ariana (45), he was approached by a resident, Wayan Gribig (85), who told him there was an incident at Pura Dalem Mas.

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Gribig saw the box where Pratima was kept lying on the floor of the temple area wrapped in a yellow cloth with the box door open.

Jro Mangku Ariana went straight to Pura Dalem Mayun. Upon arrival, he saw the condition of the temple shrine intact. Then Ariana told the incident to Jro Mangku I Nyoman Sandia (52).

They check Pratima’s store and find it is missing. The incident was then reported to the Abiansemal Sector Police. Members of the Abiansemal Sector Police and the Badung Resort Police immediately took care of the scene of the case.

From the results of the case where the incident occurred, it was found that the missing ones were pratima in the form of a horse, one yellow gender don, gold flowers, coins, silver bracelets, silver belts and gold earrings. “The amount of the loss is still being calculated,” he said.

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