This is the Continuation of Russian Citizens Who Jump into the Sea by Motorbike for Online Stunt

Sergey’s Instagram account has followers of 4.8M (4.8 million) with a number of posts of 1.609 as per Monday (14/12/2020). The two latest video uploads have drawn scorn from various circles of society.

In the first video, Sergey is seen riding a woman on a yellow motorcycle. Both of them did not wear helmets and jumped into the sea with the motorbike. Before plunging in, the woman was even seen doing attractions on a motorbike. The video was watched 489,065 times on Monday (14/12/2020) at 6:26 p.m. local time. In his upload, Sergey wrote the caption in Russian as follows:

Gray, are you okay? @alina_oshutinskaya is definitely fine (Instagram direct translation)

Russians who jumped to the water with motorbike
Russians who jumped to the water with motorbike

A day later he uploaded a 26 second video with the caption:

With Drone even cooler, do you agree? And yes, dear ocean defenders and nature lovers. We lifted the bike from the bottom and took it away (Instagram live translation)

The second upload has been viewed 275,765 times until Monday (14/12/2020) at 18:35 WITA.

Seeing these posts, many netizens actually commented negatively. One of them is from the owner of the Maelyn account on the Canggu Community facebook group who stated that Sergey was the stupidest person because he had polluted the sea with his rental bike and polluted the water, air, with dangerous and poisonous substances. Just to get Instagram posts.

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Confirmed on Monday (12/14/2020) in connection with the incident, the Head of the Regional Office of Law and Human Rights, Jamaruli Manihuruk said that his party was still waiting for reports related to the foreign citizen’s actions. The actions taken by the Bali Ministry of Law and Human Rights depend on the mistakes made by a foreign national. Does it really deserve to be deported or to court depends on the mistake.

“We always supervise. But yes, we are waiting for the report. In Karangasem, “he said.

Meanwhile, Public Relations of the Class I Special Immigration Office for Ngurah Rai, Putu Suhendra said that he had not found the data in question because it was possible that his name did not match the passport.

Meanwhile, the head of the Karangasem resort police, AKBP Ni Nyoman Suartini said that from the results of the investigation it was found that the action was carried out in Tanah Ampo, Karangasem on December 10, 2020. At that time the security guard had allowed them to enter. It’s just that due to limited language skills, namely the suspected perpetrator and security guard, cannot speak English properly.

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“They also cannot speak English properly and the officers in Tanah Ampo cannot speak English properly and it is assumed that they just took photos and were allowed to enter. Finally took the action, “he explained on Monday (14/12/2020).

AKBP Ni Nyoman Suartini said that the vehicle used when plunging into the sea had been taken directly that day by a fisherman who helped them.

“Immediately told to take the vehicle and hand it over to the fisherman. According to him in the media, I haven’t met the person because we haven’t been able to find the criminal element. Afraid we’ll blame it later. The vehicle he bought. It was in the media he said he bought it. We only got information from the public, that it was true that he had committed a violation of public order, “he explained.

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