Thousands of Health Workers in Gianyar Will Be Given Covid-19 Vaccine

Thousands of health workers in Gianyar will receive the Covid-19 vaccination. The vaccination plan is to be held in January. This was stated by the Head of Disease Control Prevention Division, Gianyar Health Service, Anak Agung Anom Sukamawa.

He said that currently the number of health workers who have been recorded has reached 2,350 people. However, that number is still being validated, because this vaccine is only intended for healthy people.

The Covid-19 vaccine from Beijing arrives in Indonesia
The Covid-19 vaccine from Beijing arrives in Indonesia

It is estimated that this vaccine will be injected in mid-January. Agung explained that vaccination is prioritized for health workers because they have been dealing directly with Covid-19 positive patients. “Because health workers in handling Covid-19 are at the forefront. If it is confirmed, it was taken by health workers, ”he explained.

However, currently validation is still being carried out and awaiting provisions from the Ministry of Health. “We are still waiting for the provisions, whether this is only health workers from Gianyar Regency, or those on duty in Gianyar, what is clear is that we are still validating the data. Now there are 2,350 recorded in Gianyar, but later after the validation it could be less or more, “he explained.

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It was revealed that the 2,350 health workers who were registered were assigned to hospitals and clinics in Gianyar Regency. “Those are doctors and all personnel in health facilities, both public and private health facilities,” he explained.

The Covid-19 vaccine from Beijing arrives in Indonesia

He added that this vaccine is specifically for health workers who are in the healthy category. It is said that if there are health workers who are sick, they will be eliminated immediately. “The healthy ones are given the vaccine. If there is a record of comorbidities, such as comorbidities or unhealthy diseases, they will be eliminated, ”he explained.

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Not only that, health workers who have been exposed to Covid-19 will also not get the vaccine. This is because people who recover from Covid-19 have formed their own antibodies in their bodies. “Those who have been exposed are not given again.” he said.

Adapting to the new health protocol of Covid-19 in Bali
Adapting to the new health protocol of Covid-19 in Bali

As planned, the vaccine will be injected into health workers in mid-January. The vaccine will be injected 2 times. It is also stated that the vaccine is still at the center and has not yet been sent to Bali.

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