Thousands of New Voters Waiting for Identity Cards in Bali

Temporary voter data will soon be set to become the final voter list for the 2020 Jembrana regional head election by the Jembrana general election commission. Until now, there are still thousands of first-time voters who have not pocketed their e-KTP (electronic identity cards). 

Photo 1: Illustration of e-KTP – Image source: Riau Pos

Jembrana general election commission has coordinated with related agencies to pick up the ball for the handover of ID cards for novice voters. The head of the Jembrana general election commission, I Ketut Gde Tangkas Sudiantara, Wednesday (7/10) said that the number of voters recorded in the provisional voter data currently totals 237,422 voters.

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The voters who have entered can check at every village / kelurahan office to make sure they have entered the voter list. From that number, according to him, there are still 4,205 beginner voters who do not have an identity card. “We have coordinated with the Department of Population and Civil Registration to pursue these first-time voters in order to immediately get an identity card or certificate,” explained Tangkas.

Photo 2: Illustration of general election – Photo source: CNN Indonesia

After that, they will enter the DPT later and have the right to vote in the 2020 Jembrana regional head election. According to the regulations, citizens who have the right to vote must be 17 years of age and domiciled in the electoral area as evidenced by an e-KTP or a certificate from the relevant agency.

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After having an identity card or a certificate, these new voters will have the right to vote and are recorded in the permanent voter data. The commissioner of the Jembrana general election commission, Putu Angelia, added that the 237,422 temporary voters’ data will be set as final voter data on 14 October. This number can still increase with the existence of first-time voters who already have an e-KTP.

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