Three Bali United Player are on Their Way Out

Stefano Lillipaly, Melvin Platje and Illija Spasojevic are on their exit way, as their contract will due by the end of the year. This raise concern on their coach as Bali United prepare for the AFC Cup

The “Trident” of Bali United forwards are on their way to be a free agent as their contract expires at the end of the year. Looking at the current situation raise concern on Stefano Cuggura as the trident gave a huge contribution to the team as they won the league last season.

The former Persija coach hoped that Bali United management will extent these three players before 2021. According to Kompas, not only these three players but most of the players that the contract expires at the end of the year. “Hopefully the majority of players can stay at Bali United for the sake of good preparation” said Teco (10/12)

On the contrary, Bali United CEO, Yabes Tanuri said he cannot guarantee that those players will extend the contract for the time being. When he was asked by Kompas whether those players will stay, he could not give a convincing answer

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“There is no problem with international players, they’re still with us. But, whether their status is safe or not. We’re not really sure, but it should not be a problem” said Yabes Tanuri (13/12)

The uncertainty of Liga 1 continuance, cause many players had to move or find another job. One of them is Paulo Sergio who return to his homeland in Portugal after finding out that there is no confirmation nor clarification whether the league will be return or not.

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