Three Cultural Heritages of Denpasar, Bali are Designated as Intangible Cultural Heritage in

Denpasar City has again shown its commitment in maintaining Balinese traditions, arts and culture. After a year ago successfully passing four cultural works, now in 2020 Denpasar City is proposing six cultural works to be designated as National Intangible Cultural Heritage.

However, 3 of them were successfully designated as intangible cultural heritage, while 3 others are still being deferred. Three cultural works of Denpasar City that are designated as cultural heritage are no different from Indonesia in 2020, namely the Nanda Tradition (customs and rites), Genggong Art (performing arts) and Gambuh Pedungan Art (performing arts).

Photo 1: Illustration of Balinese traditional parade – Photo source: republika

Last year, four cultural works from Denpasar City were also designated as national intangible cultural heritage. Namely the Ngaro Banjar Medura Intaran Sanur tradition (customs and rituals), Sate Renteng (skills, customs and rites), Legong Binoh (performing arts), and Janger Kedaton Sumerta and Pegok Sesetan (performing arts).

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The head of the Denpasar City Culture Office, IGN Bagus Mataram, accompanied by the Head of Cultural Heritage, I Ketut Gede Suaryadala, said that the establishment of these four traditions and indigenous cultures of Denpasar as Indonesian intangible cultural heritage in 2020 is a breath of fresh air for the inventory and preservation of arts and culture in Denpasar City. A year earlier, Denpasar City had also successfully registered four cultural works of Denpasar to be designated as Indonesia’s intangible cultural heritage. In the future, there will be no one-sided claim to Indonesian indigenous cultural arts, especially those from Bali and Denpasar City.

Photo 2: Gambuh Pedungan of Denpasar City – Photo source: Pos Bali

“This proposal is one of the efforts to protect the arts, culture and traditions in Denpasar from being claimed by other countries and avoid unwanted things by registering Denpasar arts and culture in the national inventory portal,” he explained.

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Furthermore, he said, after being designated as an intangible cultural heritage of Indonesia in 2020, the three cultural heritages that are no different from Denpasar will continue to be guarded so that they can become intangible cultural heritage at the international level established by UNESCO.

Meanwhile, the cultural heritage team of Denpasar City, I Gede Anom Ranuara with Dewa Gede Puwita and Dewa Gede Yadhu Basudewa said that the three cultural works of Denpasar City passed along with 8 other cultural works from all regencies / cities throughout Bali. So that for all of Bali, 11 cultural works have been successfully designated as Indonesian intangible cultural heritage in 2020.

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