Tourist Destination Area in the Middle of Singaraja City, Bali Made More Beautiful

The central government policy that launched a national economic recovery program was followed up by local governments. One of them is Buleleng, which has begun to follow up on this policy by proposing a physical infrastructure development program. The proposed program is the tourism sector by arranging two tourist destinations in the middle of Singaraja city. This arrangement is estimated to require a budget of around 25 billion rupiahs.

Head of the Buleleng tourism office, Made Sudama Diana, said Thursday (15/10) that the two tourist destinations that have been refined are the Penimbangan Beach area in Baktiseraga Village, Buleleng District. The area, which is starting to be known by local and foreign tourists, is planned to be organized with an allocation of around 10 billion rupiahs.

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In addition, there is a tourist destination that is also in the city center, namely the former Buleleng Harbor, Kampung Tinggi Village, Singaraja. This area is known as historical tourism, Dispar compiled a budget plan which required around 15 billion rupiahs. “We propose 25 billion rupiahs to organize the coastal area of ​​Penimbangan and Ex-port of Buleleng. Our proposal will be fought by the leadership to the central government through national economic recovery.

According to him, the Penimbangan Beach area, the structuring program is carried out starting from the entrance on Jalan Ahmad Yani west to the north. This arrangement starts from drainage, sidewalks, gardens, signboards, and construction of other supporting facilities.

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Besides that, his party also plans to create a natural tourism location to utilize the land assets of the local government with an area of ​​about 40 acres. This land was previously purchased by the local government, but is currently untapped. Later on, a performance room facing north will be built on that land. In this location, several booths were also built which could be used by micro, small and medium enterprises.

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