Two Days of Rain, Disaster Started in Gianyar

The last two days of rain have flushed Gianyar. Natural disasters began to occur. Like landslides to fallen trees.

The disaster occurred on Jalan Raya Payangan and Jalan Raya Tampaksiring. Gianyar Regional Disaster Management Agency officers have been deployed to the site for the evacuation process.

Photo 1: Fallen trees due to the heavy rain – Photo source: Balipost

Acting Head of Gianyar BPBD, Ngakan Dharma Jati, Wednesday (07/10), confirmed that the rain and wind that occurred for two days had caused several disasters in the upper Gianyar area. Namely in Buahan village, Payangan sub-district and in Tampaksiring village. “Both happened on Tuesday night,” he said.

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It was said that at each location of the incident five members had been deployed to evacuate. In addition, his party also coordinated with PLN officials because there was an electric cable that had been hit by a tree. “The fallen tree has been evacuated using a chainsaw and in coordination with PLN,” he explained.

Photo 2: Photo source: Radar Bali

In addition, there was a landslide disaster in Sumita Village, Gianyar. The landslide disaster closed the subak irrigation channel in the local village.

From this incident, there was a blockage in the rice fields irrigation. “BPBD Gianyar has also taken action, by immediately evacuating or normalizing the irrigation channel,” he said.

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He appealed to the public to be aware of potential disasters that occur during the rainy season. Especially the potential for landslides and fallen trees in the northern area of ​​Gianyar. “Please be aware of disasters,” he said.

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