Two Doctors and Nurses Positive Covid-19, Sanjiwani Hospital Closed

The closure of services at Sanjiwani Hospital was again carried out. This time it was the emergency room for the hospital on Jalan Ciung Wanara to be closed because two of the doctors were positive for Covid-19.

As a result, now the two Gianyar Regional Government hospitals cannot accept emergency patients, because previously the Payangan Hospital emergency room had also been closed due to a similar case.

This closure is known from the announcement posted by the Public Relations of Sanjiwani Hospital. The announcement reads “In connection with the presence of medical personnel confirmed positive for Covid-19, emergency services are temporarily closed. Starting September 5, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. local time in Bali for sterilization and disinfecting rooms as well as close contact tracing, services will reopen September 10, 2020.”

Photo 1: Covid-19 patient handling in Sanjiwani Hospital – Photo source: Bali Netizen

The Head of Public Relations at Sanjiwani Gianyar Hospital, Anak Agung Gede Putra Parwata, was confirmed on Sunday (6/9) confirming the closure of the emergency room at Sanjiwani Hospital. It was revealed that this closure was carried out because there were two emergency room doctors and a nurse in the emergency room positive for Covid-19. “The closure of the emergency room at Sanjiwani Hospital is because there are two doctors and one nurse in the emergency room who are positive,” he said.

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From these findings, the hospital has also traced other medical personnel who were suspected of having been in contact. As a result, there were found as many as 25 medical personnel, who are currently awaiting the results of their swabs. “Some of them currently have symptoms like Covid-19. But it cannot be confirmed yet because they are still waiting for the results of the swab,” he explained.

Agung Parwata also asked the public for an explanation, because during this sterilization and disinfectant process, the hospital emergency room could not provide services to emergency patients. If there is an emergency situation, we are advised to go to a private hospital.

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“Because the conditions are like this, for the time being we cannot serve patients who come with an emergency condition. But for other services we can still run,” he said.

Photo 2: Payangan hospital in Gianyar that is also needed to be closed due to similar reason – Photo source:

Separately the Regional Secretary of Gianyar, I Made Wisnu Wijaya also appealed to the public in this emergency situation to come to the nearest private hospital. Because currently, two hospitals owned by the Gianyar government have closed due to exposure to Covid-19. “Two of our hospitals have closed their emergency services because of this. We are directing that for the time being the public is in an emergency condition to go to a private hospital,” he said.

The Regional Secretary of Gianyar admitted that the closure of the Emergency Room at the Sanjiwani Regional Hospital and the UGD at the Payangan Regional Hospital was inevitable. Because this is in order to break the chain of Covid-19 which has attacked the medical team at the local hospital. “There is no other choice, because the situation is like this,” he said.

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