Underwater Research Divers in Karangasem Missing In Ocean Currents

A diver who was said to be conducting underwater research was reported missing on Saturday, December 12 yesterday in Gili Tapekong Waters, Karangasem Regency. From the information received by the Denpasar Search and Relief Office, the identity of the victim was lost in the name of Suraya 26 years old who lives in Jimbaran.

“We received the report that day at 11.30AM local time from Mrs. Punpun, and from her testimony the diving activity started at 10:42 AM local time with 6 other divers,” explained the head of the Bali national search and rescue agency, Gede Darmada.

Search and rescue officer went on the search effort to find Surya
Search and rescue officer went on the search effort to find Surya

When 6 divers have finished diving, there is 1 person who has not returned. They have attempted to search by fastboat, but to no avail.

Following up on the missing person report, the Bali national search and rescue agency sent 4 personnel from the Karangasem search and rescue post to the location. The rescue team then joined other search and rescue elements in combing the water using a rigid inflatable boat.

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The second day of search and rescue operations, Sunday, December 13, yesterday, the Bali search and rescue agency deployed the SAR BO 105 helicopter. Approximately 1 hour on the air, the BO 105 helicopter landed again at Ngurah Rai Airport with zero results. “Dives will also be carried out, which will be carried out by friends of the diving community and hopefully the weather will be better,” said Darmada in a statement when met at Ngurah Rai Airport.

The search for victims continues to be carried out by a joint team of the Karangasem national search and rescue agency, the Karangasem Resort Marine Police Unit and the Bakamla until last Sunday.

Search and Rescue Bali team
Search and Rescue Bali team

The coordinator of the Karangasem Search and Relief Post, I Gusti Ngurah Eka Widnyana, said that according to the information obtained, before the reported missing rombingan departed from Semawang, Sanur at 07.30AM local time using the Epsilon 2 ship.

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The diver participants consisted of Faqih (WWF), Wiralaga (Diponegoro University / Internship WWF), Mahardika (Mataram University), Rita R (PUSRISKAN), Nia Pumpun (BPSPL Denpasar, Gede Suraya (DKP Bali Province), Rian Dive Master, Agus Dive Master, Nengah Sumarja (Boat Captain) and Herman (boat crew).

“The group arrived at Tapekong waters at 8.30AM local time. The group plans to dive in two locations, namely in the waters of Nusa Penida and Tapekong Candidasa Island. But first it was decided to do diving on the Candidasa Tapekong Island. The victim, allegedly missing, was dragged away by the current. This is because the information received in the field shows that the currents in these waters are quite fast, making it dangerous for divers, “he said.

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