US to Begin Trial on Bali Bombing Suspects at Guantanamo Detention Center

After years of delay, three Bali bombing suspects finally moves to military trial at U.S base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Credit: Sbs

Bali bombing happened in 2002 killed 202 people whose most of them were foreigners. The same attack happened the next year at J.W Marriot Hotel, Jakarta killed 12 people and wounded 150. Encep Nurjaman (Hambali) and two others were the main suspects behind these attacks. 

Hambali–who known as the leader of Jemaah Islamiah, a southeast-Asian Al-Qaeda’s affiliation– was allegedly involved in the incident for planning and aiding the attacks with his two mates, Mohammed Nazir bin Lep and Farik Bin Amin from Malaysia.

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In 2017, military prosecutors charged Hambali and his friends for non-capital charges that include conspiracy, terrorism, and murder. Yet the case was rejected for some reason that is publicly unknown. 

Now the senior military official has finally approved of the charges. But the court’s procedure at Guantanamo has been postponed during the pandemic and it’s still not clear when they will resume.

Nevertheless, the timing of the charges, which was submitted under Trump’s presidential term, might be contradictory with Joe Biden’s intention to close the detention center. 

Biden plans to close the detention center but he hasn’t revealed further plans for the facility. His new secretary of defense, Llyod Austin even reaffirmed this intention to the Senate Committee this week.

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In his period, Obama also tried to close the detention center, move the prisoners to the facilities inside the US, and transform the military trials into civilian courts, but the proposal was rejected by congress. 

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