Viral Russian Influencer Deported From Bali Due to Visa Violations

Denpasar- Russian influencer Sergey Kosenko, was deported on Sunday (24/01) through I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport. Kosen was previously viral for driving his motorcycle into the sea as part of a social media stunt on Instagram.

Viral Russian influencer Sergey Kosenko was deported by local authorities due to visa violations. Credit:

Local authorities found that Kosenko violated his Visitor Visa (B211A) to conduct business activities in Bali. The influencer was involved in the property business and was the ambassador of his company.

“Kosenko chose to pursue those activities without the proper residence permit and misused his Visitor Visa instead,” said Bali justice official Jamaruli Manihuruk.

“Therefore, we have decided to go with administrative action by deporting Kosenko for his violations.”

Kosenko was previously viral for his social media stunt, upsetting residents. Credit:

Kosenko has garnered massive attention for driving a motorcycle with his partner into the sea at Tanah Ampo Port, Karangasem, Bali. The video, uploaded on 10 December 2020, has resulted in public criticism towards the influencer.

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Another Instagram post uploaded by Kosenko on 11 January 2021 put him in a negative spotlight. The influencer is shown to be holding a crowded party in Badung without COVID-19 protocols.

By holding the party, Kosenko has committed a violation against Article 1 paragraph (1) Law of the Republic Indonesia Number 6 of 2011 Concerning Immigration.

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