Years Abandoned Body in Sanglah Hospital Bali Got Cremated

A total of 30 bodies in Sanglah Hospital were cremated. The bodies that were stored from 2017 to 2020 were cremated based on Hindu beliefs at the simplest level

Director of operational planning and general Dr. Sanglah Central General Hospital. Ni Luh Dharma Kerti Natih, MHSM., Monday (9/11) said that the cremation of abandoned bodies is a form of synergy with the Bali Provincial Social Service. “Today and tomorrow there will be cremations and on Tuesday the ashes will be washed into the sea or called as drifting to Segara on the sunrise beach of Sanur,” he said.

In this period the number of bodies to be cremated is 30 bodies. Which consists of a body, baby and skeleton. This cremation was carried out after all the bodies were released from the police and the Social Service.

The Sanglah Central General Hospital and the Bali Provincial Social Service do indeed regularly cremate abandoned bodies every year. This is a form of holistic service at the Sanglah Central General Hospital in providing excellent service to the community.

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The Tri Kona concept in Hinduism is actually implemented in the Sanglah Central General Hospital. Starting from birth, children, adolescents, adults to death are treated at the Sanglah central public hospital. “We would like to thank the cremation team to the Bali Provincial Social Service who regularly supports funding for the implementation of this cremation. Likewise, our thanks to the head of the sectoral police in the Bali region who have responded by issuing a letter of release of the body which is deposited in Home Forensics. Sanglah Central General Hospital, “he said.

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With the implementation of this cremation, it will increase the storage capacity of bodies in the forensics of the Sanglah Central General Hospital so that services to the community, especially the care and storage of corpses, continue to run well. “Let’s pray together that the ceremony will run smoothly and that all the bodies at the cremation will have the best place in the Realm of Silence,” said Dharma Kerti during the release of the bodies.

Cremation process of the 30 abandoned bodies

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